Agency Trading Desk Solutions

Programmatic Direct
More Net Media Spend
Higher Performance

Programmatic direct media buying allows you to increase your client’s net media spend by 50% and improve performance with direct access to data and insights.

See How We're Different
Magnifying Glass

Full Transparency

Instead of a black box you get full transparency into your spend and all the optimization and insights that come with it.

Person + Phone

Artificial + Human Intelligence

Drive results and eliminate wasted media spend with real-time optimization that combines artificial intelligence and expert traders who guide the machine learning process.


Predictive Audience Targeting & Advanced Analytics

Increase performance with an audience of individuals that are likely to convert. Our artificial intelligence technology uses machine learning to process over 2,000 demographic and behavioral data elements daily to update look-a-like models for advanced targeting.


Advertising Someone Actually Sees

If they didn't see the ad, it doesn't count. We measure viewability and use advanced multi-touch attribution techniques that credit only ads that were seen as part of the conversion process.


Proactive Fraud Prevention and Brand Safety

Accredited measurement and fraud protection built in from the ground up ensures your brand is represented alongside appropriate and relevant content.


Premium Publishers

Beyond the real-time, exchange auctions, we leverage private marketplace deals to maximize performance.

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Meaningful Reach and Frequency

Maintain complete control of your campaign, down to the number of times each user sees your ad. Our focus on people allows your campaign to achieve the frequency needed for ad recall and performance.


Actionable Insights

Empowering you with detailed, trader-level reporting with comparisons and trends on every metric so you can see the why behind the top-line performance.


Advanced Attribution

Beyond last-touch, last-click you get a holistic view at how every digital tactic is working together to drive results, including cross-device attribution between desktop and mobile.


Dynamic AdMatch

Turn view through visits into clicks with our proprietary Dynamic AdMatch technology. Change the content of your site or redirect to a landing page based on the ad and offer the visitor has seen.